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Adjustable 1/4" Edge Stitching Foot with Guide - 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 - Husqvarna Viking

1. Snap-on the Adjustable 1⁄4” Foot with Guide. *
2. Select a straight stitch.
a. For a 1/4” (6mm) seam; select a centered the needle position.
b. For a scant 1/4” seam; adjust the needle position one or two steps to the right.
3. lace the fabric pieces right sides together under the presser foot, aligning the edges of the
fabric with the guide on the foot.
4. Sew the fabric pieces together guiding the fabric so that the edges touch the guide. 5. Press the seam allowance.
Note: Depending on the weight of your fabric and thread it may be necessary to adjust the needle position to achieve your desired seam allowance. Move the needle to the right to decrease the seam allowance and to the left to increase it. You can safely move the needle three steps in either direction, but not more.
* Do not use the Straight stitch plate when using the Adjustable 1⁄4” Foot with Guide.
Topstitching: The Adjustable 1⁄4” Foot with Guide is also wonderful for topstitching. Adjust the needle position and use the guide to place your stitching exactly where you want it on your blocks, garments or home decor projects.
1. Snap-on the Adjustable 1⁄4” Foot with Guide.
2. Select a straight stitch, triple straight stitch or the mock hand quilting stitch.
Adjust the needle position as desired if needed.
3. Place the project under the presser foot so that the guide on the foot runs in the ditch of the seam or along the edge of the fabric. Sew.
NOTE: Red markings on the Adjustable 1⁄4” Foot with Guide help you align the fabric when you start sewing, at corners and at the end of your fabric.

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